Is your reliable assistant in the field of production and supply of quality pipes and metal products. Quality is assured by our knowledge, gained experience, a team of professionals, and our responsible attitude towards fulfilling our obligations. We are not standing still, but keeping up with the times, updating our technology park and increasing our production potential.

Our mission and values

As you know, the UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT is engaged in the production and supply of steel pipes and metal products. From the first days of the plant’s activity, we have put the goal to produce high-quality tubular goods that meet the approved standards.

The mission of the UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT is to meet the requirements of our customers by manufacturing quality products providing an individual approach to everyone.

Modern equipment, advanced technologies, highly qualified personnel, insurance of supplies of any volume – the above are the features of our plant.

The UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT is a rapidly developing enterprise, whose team of professionals manufactures competitive products in terms of price / quality ratio.

Ukraine has always demonstrated high rates of development of the pipe industry, offering a wide range of welded pipes. However, in recent years, there have been no innovations or new technical solutions in this field. Nevertheless, the consumer market for Ukrainian producers not only does not decrease, but even shows a certain increase. That is why the UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT offers a new approach to its customers, new quality, as well as new level of services. It is very important for us to be an integral part of the success of our customers!
Bryk Oleksandr
Our company

Our achievements in numbers

The UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT started its activity in 2014. From the very first year of operation, we have become a reliable supplier of more than 100 enterprises in various sectors of the economy, which continue to turn to us on an ongoing basis in order to purchase goods and services. Within the period of its work, the plant has established itself as a producer of high-quality goods, while delivery times are kept within the limits stipulated by the agreement.
Over 350
Won as of 2020
Over 400 km
of Pipes
Manufactured as of 2020
Compose the production product line of the plant
Over 32 km
of Anti-corrosion coating
Applied since 2018
Over 700
Contacted us for products as of 2020
Have joined our plant


Oil pipelines
Oil pipelines
An engineering and technical structure designed to transport oil or its refined products over certain distances. There are industrial and main oil pipelines.
Gas pipelines
Gas pipelines
An important element of the gas supply system from the place of gas production to the point of its consumption using a pipeline under a special overpressure. The pipeline consists of steel pipes.
Steam lines
Steam lines
Pipelines for transportation of steam used as energy carrier or technological product. The steam line serves to transfer steam from the point of receipt to the destination point.

Eight reasons to work with us

  • Incoming quality control of raw materials for pipe production
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Park of modern technological equipment
  • Customer orientation
  • Optimal delivery times
  • Output control of manufactured products
  • European quality guarantee
  • Competitive product price
Our contacts
Working hours:
From Monday till Friday
from 09.00 a.m. till 06.00 p.m.
Contact telephone numbers:
Office address in Dnipro:
Office 217, Business-center “CUBE”, 26B Naberezhna Peremohy Str., 49000, Dnipro
Office address in Kyiv:
32V Esplanadna Str., 01023, Kyiv
Manufacturer’s and warehouse address:
22 Dniprostalivska Str., 49000, Dnipro

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