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Stainless and carbon steel tanks

UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT produces tanks made of stainless and carbon steels. Tanks are used for storing liquid media of various degrees of aggressiveness, oil refining products, etc. Stainless steel is a versatile material that, without being exposed to external influences, and without affecting the environment with which it comes into contact, ensures long-term operation of the tanks. Stainless metal tanks have increased rigidity and strength, have an aesthetic appearance, are durable, practical. After years of operation, such equipment looks like new. These properties are indispensable in various fields.

Stainless steels are complex alloyed chromium-rich alloys. Chromium has a high melting point and creates a protective film on the surface of iron. It is inert to corrosion. Due to this film, steels become corrosion-resistant and stainless, capable of quenching in oil and air, as well as more resistant to stretching.

According to the properties of stainless steels are divided into three groups:

  • corrosion-resistant, which do not give in to corrosion in simple industrial conditions;
  • heat-resistant, which are characterized by corrosion resistance to high temperatures and aggressive environments;
  • heat-resistant, which retain strength at high temperatures.

Therefore, at the design stage, it is important to choose the right material of construction.

The plant manufactures tanks for the food industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, fire fighting, storage of drinking and industrial water, etc.

The following types of metal products are produced from stainless steel:

  • hydraulic reservoirs;
  • tanks for the production and storage of food products;
  • tanks for the production and storage of technical liquids;
  • accumulative collecting tanks;
  • pressure tanks;
  • silos for bulk materials;
  • underground storages;
  • industrial reservoirs (tanks, barrels, cisterns), etc.

All vessels can be manufactured with different types of bottoms: conical, elliptical, flat, combined. These can be either horizontal or vertical reservoirs.

If necessary, the stainless steel tanks are equipped with:

  • selection taps;
  • measuring tubes;
  • temperature and filling level sensors;
  • technical hatches;
  • viewing windows;
  • drain taps;
  • mixing devices of various types;
  • other structural elements and technological nodes.

Advantages of stainless steel tanks:

  • durability and practicality, the life of stainless steel vessels is at least 20 years;
  • maintainability and ease of maintenance, the equipment is easy to repair and needs only a simple cleaning;
  • aesthetic appearance, even after years of active operation, the reservoirs look attractive;
  • a large range of stainless steel equipment consists of several dozen types of tanks;
  • strong and excellent corrosion resistance, they are suitable for storing and transporting aggressive substances;
  • hygienic, alloys do not form cracks and do not have pores, which has a positive effect on the sanitary and hygienic condition of vessels.

Our specialists can offer you the manufacturing of any necessary products according to your drawings and technical specifications.

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