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Anti-corrosion coating of pipes

UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT offers professional services for applying an external two-layer and three-layer reinforced and highly reinforced anti-corrosion coating based on extruded polyethylene with a hot melt sublayer on pipes with a diameter of 32 mm to 1,420 mm, as well as for applying an internal anti-corrosion coating.

The application of anti-corrosion coating is regulated by the following standards:

  • Specifications У 24.2-34313966-001:2019 Steel pipes with a diameter of 32-1,420 mm with an external two-layer and three-layer protective coating based on extruded polyethylene;
  • DSTU 4219-2003 Main steel pipelines. General requirements for corrosion protection;
  • DSTU Б В. 2. 5-30: 2006 Underground steel pipelines of cold and hot water supply systems;
  • DIN30670 Application of polyethylene coating on steel pipes and connecting parts of steel pipes.

UTЗ. Изображение №6633

Nowadays everyone strives for high-quality and trouble-free work. But steel pipes, regardless of the way they are laid, are constantly exposed to moisture and oxygen, which eventually cause corrosion of the metal. In the case of underground pipe laying, these factors are also added to ground water, which can be aggressive, as well as earth currents that cause electrochemical corrosion. To protect pipes from external corrosion and increase the life of pipelines, they are isolated from the external environment.

UTЗ. Изображение №7505

Advantages of anti-corrosion coating of pipes:

  • extended operating temperature range (-20C/+60C);
  • anticorrosive coating can increase the temperature of transmitted fluids by 1.5 – 2 times, which contributes to the use of pipes for heating in residential and business premises;
  • significantly increases resistance to mechanical damage, pressure drops of the passing medium, to all types of aggression;
  • reduces the amount of heat loss, which is important when laying heating mains, smoke ducts;
  • polyethylene anti-corrosion coating has one hundred percent water resistance and high dielectric properties, which eliminates the possibility of rust formation;
  • makes it possible to substantially reduce the cost of maintenance and repair of the pipeline for a long time;
  • properly applied anti-corrosion coating in the factory allows trouble-free operation of pipelines protected in this way for up to 50 years;
  • materials stewardship, as the polyethylene shell used does not cause any harm to the environment, even when located underground.

Anti-corrosion coating of pipes, depending on the degree of protection, can be normal, reinforced and very reinforced.

UTЗ. Изображение №6639

Pipes with anti-corrosion coating are designed for the construction of main and industrial pipelines and branches from them underground and underwater laying.

The two-layer outer polyethylene coating consists of an adhesive sublayer based on a hot-melt polymer composition and an outer polyethylene layer.

The three-layer polyethylene coating consists of a layer of epoxy primer, an adhesive sublayer based on a hot-melt polymer composition and an outer polyethylene layer.

The application of polyethylene by extrusion is carried out in the plant conditions. In this case the extruded pipes in insulation can be delivered to the place of their installation with an anti-corrosion coating already applied. Only the ends of pipes with a length of 250 mm for connection remain untreated. After welding the pipe joints are insulated separately with heat-shrinkable sleeves or heat-shrinkable tapes.

The quality of the insulation materials used by us meets the established standards and meets all technical requirements.

In addition to pipes, UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT carries out the application of anti-corrosion coating on bends, tees, sections and elements of steel pipes.

UTЗ. Изображение №7508

Acceptance tests of pipes with anti-corrosion coating:

  • control of the appearance of the coating;
  • measurement of the length of non-insulated ends;
  • measurement of the angle of bevel of the coating to the pipe body;
  • control of the dielectric continuity of the coating;
  • control of coating thickness;
  • determination of the impact strength of the coating at a temperature of (20±5) °C;
  • control of coating adhesion to steel at the temperature of (20±5) °C.

UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT guarantees the quality of the applied anti-corrosion coating.

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