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Welded metal structures

UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT is engaged in the manufacture of various metal structures for the construction of industrial and civil facilities, namely:

  • frame metal structures (frames, trusses, beams, columns), enclosing building structures;
  • steel polyhedral supports, steel piles, beams, ties, struts, racks;
  • bends, junctions, pipeline expansion joints;
  • welded flues;
  • chimney flues;
  • flyovers of pipelines;
  • chimneys.

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Among these structures it is possible to distinguish load-bearing structures that perceive loads acting on the frame, as well as enclosing metal structures (wall panels, roof slabs) that isolate the interior of the frame from atmospheric influences (snow, wind, low temperatures). There are also metal structures that combine the functions of bearing and enclosing.

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The advantages of using welded metal structures are:

  • high strength, reliability and durability;
  • lighter weight designs;
  • reducing the cost of construction and installation work;
  • fast payback of objects;
  • high electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and weldability of metals;
  • convenience and speed of installation, reduction of construction time.

Welding of metal structures is regulated by the DBN B 2.6-163: 2010 Steel structures.

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Production of welded structures is a complex process which must consider many factors: the purpose and operating conditions of product loading on welded connections and nodes, ensuring the necessary efficiency of the welding process, preparation of equipment, development of elements of the desired configuration, capable of withstanding high loads.

When welding, it is necessary to fully comply with the technology in order to ensure that the seams are formed correctly, without the slightest deviations and defects. And also carry out the necessary control of all welds, linearity of metal structures and cathets of welded joints.

Welding allows you to save metal, since the working sections of the elements in the connecting nodes of metal structures are fully involved. It also reduces the weight of the connecting elements in the welding units, and reduces labor costs for the production and assembly of metal structures.

Metal structures are made of high-quality steel grades of different assortment, which are less susceptible to changes during their heating. Finished structures are subjected to fire-resistant and anti-corrosion treatment. If necessary, they are additionally painted.

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Experienced welding masters of the UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT will help you make the right choice, as well as produce any necessary metal structures to your order, while guaranteeing the quality and reliability of welding seams.

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