UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT produces a wide range of pipe products for different economic sectors. The products are sold both in Ukraine and abroad. Customers of the products are the largest industrial and manufacturing companies, both state and private ownership.

UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT produces products of European quality that meet all domestic and international standards and norms. Before delivery to the customer the products go through all the necessary stages of inspection and control.

You can trust our quality.

Пунктуальный срок поставки
Налаженная логистическая структура строго следит за соблюдением сроков поставок, ориентируясь на все пожелания клиентов.
Высоко технологичный завод
Передовые технологи, современное оборудование, постоянное внедрение инноваций гарантирует продукцию высокого качества.
Высокий уровень производства
Продукция европейского качества, соответствующая всем государственным и международным стандартам и нормам.

Production potential of our company

The production line of UKRAINIAN PIPE PLANT includes the following types of products and services:

  • electro-welded straight-seam pipes of medium and large diameters from 325 mm to 2020 mm, with a wall thickness from 6 mm to 20 mm, a length of up to 12,000 mm, with a wide range of used steel grades st3, st20, st09G2S, 17G1SU and other steels with a strength class up to and including K60. Such pipes are used in the construction of oil pipelines, gas pipelines, heat pipelines, water pipes, etc.
  • accessories for pipes and pipe fittings, namely segment bends, transitions, tees, plugs with a diameter of 159 mm-1400 mm, with a wall thickness from 6 mm to 20 mm, with an angle of inclination up to 90°, used steel grades St3, ST20, st09G2S, 17G1SU, etc.; flanges with a diameter of 159 mm to 1400 mm, used steel st3, st20, st09G2S, 17G1SU, nominal pressure up to PN 160 Kgf / cm;
  • stainless and carbon steel grades tanks, which are used for storing liquid media of various degrees of aggressiveness, oil refining products, for the food industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.;
  • welded metal structures: beams, trusses, columns, which make up the frames of buildings and structures. Among these structures, it is possible to distinguish load-bearing metal structures that perceive loads acting on the frame, and enclosing metal structures (wall panels, roof slabs) that isolate the interior of the frame from atmospheric influences (snow, wind, low temperatures). Also, metal structures can combine the functions of bearing and enclosing;
  • professional services for the application of anti-corrosion insulation based on reinforced and highly reinforced extruded polyethylene with a hot melt sublayer on pipes with a diameter of 32 mm to 1,420 mm, as well as for the application of an internal anti-corrosion coating. Insulation is applied to pipes in order to protect them from corrosion, as well as to improve the operational properties and life of pipes.
Own testing laboratory
Pipe hydraulic test
100% USC
High quality main raw materials

Our products and services

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